Container Components

Since several years SFE ships complete containerloads of materials for the production
and repair of containers from China to Europe.

Following an overview of our delivery program :

Corner casting
beside corner castings for standard ISO - container we deliver for 2,5 m and 2,55 m wide containers
as well as 45´front castings. Also double castings for swap bodies are available.

Door gasket
different types of profiles and dimensions, EPDM - quality
with vulcanized corners or as lenght in rolls.

Door gear
separate components as cam, keeper, handle, brackets or complete welded and galvanized.
In best quality also in stainless steel for truck bodies

Door hinge
all required dimension also in stainless steel

PVC, different dimensions and colours

Steel profiles
bended profiles for corner posts, cross member, BSR, FLP
corrugated profiles for roof, side- and front walls, door panel

Casted and forged components
accurately produced according to customer sample / drawing

PVC components
accurately produced according to customer sample / drawing

Because of our very good relationship to our chinese material- and componentmanufacturer
we are in the position to offer our customers cost efficient solutions in high quality
and expected reliability.

Please ask us, when you need technical solutions and alternative options.

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